How to use service

The owner this page,He is understand onry Japanese language.
for that reason, you want to use limitation service in this page.

1) Buying

You can UseE-mail order,and mail order.You cannot other order(phone,teregrph,Fax etc.).Too expensive.
I consider you read and understand,under contents,retern,payment,system.
Prohibition items in your countries,I cannot any responsibility.
If you want to return items,I return subtract carriage &commissions.

2) consignment sale

If you understand Japanese language,I can reject these application.

3) accounts

Payment,you use registered mail for cash(JapanYen 100%,euro and dollar,110%~),
transfer my bank account,use PayPal.

4) bookbinder

Sorry,I cannot bind any book now.Because I do not have equipment.

Thank you for read poor Engrish sentences.
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